The Amazing SPidemrna 3

After the Huge Success of Spiderman No Way Home, Andrew Garfield name has been spreading crazy in Spider Fandom. The British 38 year old is rumored to be getting another third movie from Sony. Fans have started demanding for Andrew Garfield to return to role as Spiderman more and finish off his story that was left in dirt. It would be fair for Andrew Garfield to also get a third movie considering he is the only Spidey without third to close his trilogy. There are reports suggesting about making making third movie being actually possible.

Back in 2014, Andrew Garfield Spiderman was sadly cut short after the disappointing Amazing Spiderman 2 movie which saw fans turn against the character and writing him off. Spiderman No Way Home, however, brought back the love for the character and redeemed Andrew for what happened back in 2014. Of course, Andrew Garfield loved playing the Spiderman to which is why losing the role as the arachnid superhero was a very heartbreaking moment for himself. Andrew got second chance not only to play as Spiderman but also be with his long child hood predecessor Spidey that is of Tobey Maguire. Now, He could potentially in another blockbuster event which could quite possibly happen where it all in the hands of Sony themselves.