Spiderman No Way Home has been a huge success for Marvel Studios where it has brought many moments for people to remember. However, What is next after no way home for Spiderman. It is a question many are looking and speculating on what might happen in the later years. Many reports have suggested that Andrew Garfield could reprise the role as Spiderman to complete his lost trilogy after Tom Holland became MCU’s Spiderman. What about Tobey Maguire, and where would he fit in?

Many Reports have suggested that we could possibly see Tobey Maguire reprise his role as Spiderman in a possibly upcoming Spiderman 4 directed by Sam Raimi himself. Many rumors have also stated that we could see the web slinger in the upcoming Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness considering how large the cast is being reported in the movie. Another hint, Marvel have stated they would like to see Tobey return along side Andrew Garfield in Avengers Secret Wars. Regarding Spiderman 4, The movie was scrapped after the poor ratings of Spiderman 3 where Sam Raimi had to relinquish the idea of what could of been Tobey 4th installment, but nowadays it seems everything is possible considering how many people didn’t believe Tobey Maguire would return to the big screen alongside with fellow counterparts. It really all depends on Sony whether they decide to make the movie or not.